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Penthouse with Hudson River Views
A lot of Penthouse Condominiums in Manhattan will have Hudson River Views. If the condo building is of certain height, the higher floor units facing West will have gorgeous Hudson River views. However there are some buildings better positioned to have a higher quality and more unobstructed view of the Hudson River.

The Hudson River view is desired as it is a Western Facing View with the sun setting over the horizon. The locations that have the most unobstructed views where there are many condominium buildings with penthouse apartments are typically located in a couple of locations:

  • The Riverside Boulevard part of the Upper West Side
  • The New Construction Condominiums located near the High Line Park
  • Condominiums located on the Far West Side of the West Village, Tribeca, or Financial District

The Riverside Boulevard area of the Upper West Side is most well known for the Trump Place Development. The Trump Buildings are all located right along the Hudson River, the western facing Penthouse Apartments have an absolute unobstructed Hudson River Views. The Riverside South new construction buildings including the Rushmore, The Aldyn all share uncompromised Hudson River views from the penthouse apartments.

The High Line Park running along the Far West Side of Chelsea ushered in a new development condominium boom . Many of these buildings are some of the most desired and progressive condominiums in all of Manhattan including 100 Eleventh Avenue, 200 Eleventh Avenue, 450 West 17th Street. The views of the Hudson River from these downtown penthouse condominiums are fantastic.

You will also have penthouses with Hudson River Views in many of the condominium buildings located in the western segments of the West Village, Tribeca and the Financial District. Buildings like 1 Morton Square, Superior Ink at 400 West 12th Street or from 123 Washington Street in the Financial District all have tremendous Hudson River views from the penthouse apartments.

Penthouses with Hudson River Views are going to be attainable from a number of locations, a certainty from the tallest condominium buildings in Manhattan, such as the Time Warner Center, however for direct Hudson River Views certain locations offer an opportunity to own a penthouse condominium located right next to the Hudson River. Whether you want to live downtown, Midtown, or Downtown a Hudson River view penthouse is within your reach.

To find your own Manhattan New York Penthouse with Hudson River view, contact us today and we can discuss your dream penthouse in Manhattan New York.

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