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Manhattan New York Penthouse Neighborhoods

Every neighborhood in Manhattan is going to have penthouse condominiums for sale.  However, every Manhattan neighborhood is going to have geographic differences and condominium styles that will result in various features that each penthouse condominium will offer.

Take for example, if you are looking for a penthouse near Central Park.  You will be more than likely located in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Central Park South, or Midtown areas.  This is one of the primary locations for penthouse condominiums and high rise condominium in all of Manhattan.  Central Park views are arguably the most desired view in New York City.

Penthouses in a condominium building on Central Park West, Fifth Avenue, or Central Park South are exceedingly rare and come at the absolute highest of price points.  Penthouses in buildings such as the Time Warner Center, the Plaza Hotel, 15 Central Park West are some of the most expensive condominiums in all of Manhattan.

Penthouses on Park Avenue in the Upper East Side also fall into a category of extreme rarity.  There are just a handful of condominium buildings on Park Avenue in the Upper East Side, let along penthouse apartments within these buildings.

Central Park South Penthouse Condominiums are very much desired for their picture perfect views of Central Park.  Being at the southern border of the park, both Central Park and then also the dramatic views of the Upper West Side and Upper East Side are highly sought out.

The characteristic that differs typically between downtown Manhattan penthouses and either midtown or uptown condominiums is the size of the building.  Most condominium buildings downtown are not the high rise condominium that are found near Central Park or on Fifth Avenue.  The penthouses in the West Village, Soho or Tribeca typically don’t exceed 15 stories.  There are some exceptions in new construction buildings, but even then you rarely find the height that you do in the penthouse condominiums near Central Park.

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