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Manhattan New York Penthouse Sizes

Often when you think of a penthouse condominium you think of the entire top floor of the building.  What makes Manhattan Real Estate so appealing is that there is Manhattan penthouses can come in all different sizes.

The quintessential New York City penthouse is the full floor apartment with an expansive outdoor terrace overlooking some of Manhattan’s most iconic scenery.  Fortunately penthouse condominiums in Manhattan are available in a variety of sizes.

The Penthouse one Bedroom apartment makes up a small segment of the market, but for somebody looking for a smaller size or certain price range this is a much desired part of the market.

For those looking for a Duplex or Triplex Penthouse Condominium, you will see some of the best apartments Manhattan Real Estate has to offer.  These larger apartments, two Bedroom and Larger or full floor penthouses offer some of the most dynamic and sought after layouts and features including private terraces, master suites, entertainment rooms, and privacy.

Whatever the size of apartment, Manhattan Real Estate is here to satisfy everything you expect out of a penthouse apartment.

You can read more about different penthouse sizes by clicking on our links below:

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