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Manhattan NY Penthouses for sale
The Full Floor Penthouse Condominium represents the very best of Manhattan Real Estate.   A full floor penthouse condominium is exactly what it sounds.
You will have the entire floor to yourself, no neighbors, and most importantly you will have complete privacy.  The typical full floor penthouse condominium is also usually very spacious in square footage.  Depending on the foot print of the building, most full floor penthouse condominiums for sale in Manhattan can range in size from 3,000 square foot to as large as 10,000 square feet on rare occasion.
A full floor penthouse condominium in New York Cith will often come in different layouts as well.  The layout may be that of a single level encompassing the entire floor, or that of a duplex condominium with two full floors, or possibly a triplex penthouse condominium that is also a full floor apartment.  A full floor penthouse that is also a duplex, triplex or larger is a true trophy apartment.  

One of the most common features of a full floor penthouse are the panoramic views that come with owning the entire floor.  Having 360 degree views of Manhattan especially in a taller building are arguably the best views in the world.   With 360 degree views from a full floor penthouse condominium in one of the taller hi rise buildings you will typically be able to see multiple New York City landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the iconic Central Park, both the Hudson River and East River, sometimes the Statue of Liberty and picturesque Manhattan city skyline views.

A full floor penthouse condominium for sale can be found in almost every neighborhood in Manhattan. The most prized locations are those with the best opportunity to take advantage of the views that a full floor penthouse will give you.  Penthouses with Central Park views are some of the most desirable, luxurious and expensive apartments in all of Manhattan.  Penthouses at buildings like 15 Central Park West, the Time Warner Center have been breaking sales records for years.  The penthouses in new development condominiums such as 400 Fifth Avenue or One 57 are some of the most desirable in all of Manhattan.
With this most rare type of apartment, the full floor penthouse condominium, also expect a price point reflecting the scarcity and demand for these apartments.  Pricing depends on the type of building, in any of the high rise buildings expect at the very minimum to be  $4,000+ sq/ft range, with the very best being closer to $10,000 sq/ft.  This is the market pricing for these types of apartments.  An example being that the penthouses at One 57, the new development condominium, when finished will be the tallest condominium building in New York City, the penthouses are being priced to exceed $100,000,000.  This example is of the uppermost range, however it’s a reflection that for the most rare of apartments, the price will reflect the market conditions. Generally speaking full floor penthouses will start in the $5,000,000 range and will increase in price depending on location, views, size, and condominium quality.

If you are interested in a unique and full floor penthouse condominium, we can help. Call us at (917)837-8869 or if you prefer, you can email us  and describe in detail the penthouse you are looking for.  We offer  confidential, personalized and discreet consultation for our Manhattan New York penthouse buyers.

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