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Manhattan NY Penthouses for sale

Penthouses with Views

Manhattan New York Penthouse Condominium’s are going to be known for their spectacular and one of kind views.  Everybody wants a view of Central Park, or of the Empire State Building, these are the iconic views Manhattan is known for. A penthouse condominium in Manhattan will offer the absolute best opportunity to receive some of the most commanding views of any type of property in New York City.

Whether it’s a penthouse with a view of Central Park, a penthouse condominium with Manhattan Skyline Views, or views of the Hudson River, River to River Views, a view of the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, they are all available from the right Manhattan Penthouse condominium.

Each neighborhood or area in Manhattan is going to offer a certain type of view from the penthouse condominium.  Naturally any penthouse in a tall building in the Upper West Side or Upper East Side will probably have views of Central Park or of the Hudson or East Rivers.  Midtown Penthouse Condominiums typically will be able to see the Empire State building and have dramatic Manhattan Skyline Views.  Downtown Manhattan penthouse condominiums for sale will often have tremendous River views or possible views of the Statue of Liberty.

A penthouse condominium is the best opportunity to maximize what Manhattan is known for.  You can look out your window or from your terrace and Manhattan’s most iconic views will all be at your fingertips.

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