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Penthouse with Key Access Elevator

What is the security for my penthouse condominium? This is a typical question that is very important to have answered when purchasing a Manhattan NY penthouse condominium.  Often security starts with the building itself, full time doorman, Closed Circuit Monitoring, elevator operators; however every building will be set up differently.

Depending on what level of privacy and customized access will first start with certain specific buildings.  Some buildings once you are in the elevator whether you live on the 2nd floor or the penthouse floor you can reach any floor through from the elevator.  Other buildings with a higher level of security will only allow you to the floor you live on or are visiting.  This access is granted through the doorman monitoring the elevators, an elevator operator in the apartment, or yourself through a FOB key or security token.

In a building where the penthouse takes up the entire floor, very often the elevator will not reach that level of the building without a private key or FOB key.  In most new construction condominium buildings privacy, security and safety are of the utmost concern and multiple levels of access and monitoring are available.  All visitors are introduced by the concierge before they are let into the elevators, deliveries are administered through the building, and your security is of a high priority.

If you have a specific security preference in the building and penthouse we can discuss and recommend buildings with special penthouses will work best for you.

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