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Manhattan Penthouse with Skyline Views

The Manhattan City Skyline is one of the most picturesque and recognizable features of New York City.  A Manhattan Penthouse can offer the very best New York City view.  The view from your Manhattan Penthouse Condominium will be dependent on a couple of factors.

First, being the height of the building.  If you want to live in a high rise building, you can be assured to have an exposure facing the Manhattan skyline.  Something to consider is that there are more high rise condominiums located in midtown or in the Upper West Side or the Upper East Side.  Downtown Manhattan because of zoning restrictions in most neighborhoods has far less in total number of buildings that are high rise.  So the total supply of downtown penthouse condominiums in a high rise building will be more limited.

Second, the exposure of the penthouse apartment will play a defining role in the exposure you have of the Manhattan Skyline.  If your penthouse condominium does not have a panoramic exposure, let’s say you share the penthouse floor with another apartment, then you will have a specific exposure.  Depending on how the apartments were built, you could be the Southern Facing apartment and the other penthouse(s) could have the northern views.

Finally, something to consider is that an exposure can always change depending on development.  The Manhattan skyline is always an ever changing environment.  New condominium buildings or office buildings are always being built and this could potentially affect your view.  If you want a certain view you can always position yourself in certain buildings that are right in front of that view you are looking for, example being if you want a central park view, if you live right on Central Park West or Central Park South facing the park you can be comfortable knowing your view is probably not going to change.  However if you have a view of the Empire State Building and you line in downtown Manhattan, if another building gets built in the midtown area, that could potentially obstruct your view.

Most Manhattan Penthouse’s will have Skyline Views. There are several selections available with Manhattan New York penthouse with skyline views. Contact us today (917)837-8869 and we will recommend few Manhattan New York penthouse with iconic skyline views for you.

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