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Manhattan NY Penthouses for sale
Manhattan New York Penthouse with a Pool

Your very own private pool from your Manhattan Penthouse Condominium.  A private pool, not just an outdoor shower or Hot Tub is the epitome of rarity and luxury for a Manhattan penthouse condominium.

Many of Manhattan New York buildings will have a pool as part of the amenity package, these pools are exclusive to the building residents, however your very own private pool is extremely rare.

Usually there are very few condominium apartments with their own private pool, usually less than a hand full. Even then it’s not a guarantee that there will be an apartment with its own private pool.

You can imagine the difficulty of constructing a private pool on top of any high rise condominium, along with that difficulty comes with it the luxury of being able to walk out onto your roof top deck or terrace and going for a swim anytime you want.

If you are looking for a private pool as an absolute necessity, you will be either looking at a penthouse condominium or also a townhouse property.  There are more townhouse residences that have built in pools in the lower levels of the building than there are penthouse condominiums with roof top pools.

The typical condominium with a private pool starts in the $15,000,000 range.

To know what is currently available for sale for Penthouse with a pool in Manhattan New York, contact us now and we will respond promptly.

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