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Manhattan NY Penthouses for sale

A Manhattan NY penthouse for sale is often regarded as the essence of luxury living in New York City.

A city full of skyscrapers a penthouse apartment allows you the ability to live at the top. A New York City Condominium penthouse possesses a variety of distinctive characteristics which set them apart from a traditional apartment.  Looking out from your Manhattan penthouse you will  see the iconic Manhattan landmarks such as Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Hudson River to East River views and the Manhattan city skyline.

What is a NYC Manhattan Penthouse?

A Manhattan Penthouse is typically found on the top floor of an apartment building. In new construction condominiums you will typically have a series of the top floors in the building with the “Penthouse” or “PH” designation.

A penthouse typically shares a certain number of common characteristics:
  • A New York City Penthouse typically larger and more spacious than other units in the building.
  • Outdoor space is common including a private roof top garden, setback terraces, or large balconies.  In Manhattan having your own private outdoor space is a true luxury and epitome of a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Spectacular Panoramic Views of Manhattan city view or River view.  Living in one of the top floors if not the top floor will allow you the best views Manhattan has to offer but with the peace and quiet of a top floor apartment
  • Unique Layouts-Duplex(Two Floor), Triplex(Three Floor), or Full Floor Apartments are typically found on the penthouse level of a building.  Now your apartment is like a home, but on top of a luxury condominium building.
  • The most sought after and rare penthouses will have features such as a Penthouse with a private pool or hot tub, penthouse with a wood or gas burning fireplace, private elevator access, full floor penthouses.
  • A New Construction condominium Penthouse offers the finest in today’s modern convenience.

Why Purchase a Manhattan NYC Penthouse Condominium?
If you find yourself in the position to buying your own piece of Manhattan, a penthouse condominium offers a luxury lifestyle of New York City.

  • Living in the top floor of a condominium will provide you with breathtaking views of Manhattan.  Looking out towards Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or river views will all be at your fingertips.
  • Some of the most exclusive and unique apartments will be penthouses, living in one will allow you a truly unique one of a kind Manhattan experience.
  • Manhattan New York view is better from the top. After a busy day you will be able to come back to your penthouse apartment and look out quietly  on Manhattan from your penthouse condominium
  • Penthouses represent the best Manhattan Real Estate has to offer.  Extraordinary views, personalized layouts with an attention to detail, and outdoor space that is truly desirable.
Where do I go to buy a Manhattan Penthouse Condominium?
We offer our penthouse buyers a level of service that is centered in having a detailed understanding of the condominium penthouse market in Manhattan.  The Manhattan condominium market is specialized for penthouse sales.  We understand a penthouse buyer has many specific needs when it comes to the penthouse unit they will call home.  Whether you are looking for a unique exposure, outdoor space spacious enough to entertain, private and exclusive entrances to the building, we accommodate all these needs through our understanding of the market.

Call us today at (917)837-8869 or email us to set up a private and confidential consultation
to discuss the Manhattan Condominium penthouse that you are looking to buy. (
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West village is a vibrant Manhattan New York neighborhood that has sidewalk cafes, restaurants, name brand boutique, bistros and pubs night life. West Village neighborhood is from Sixth Avenue to the Hudson River and most North at 14th Street and Houston Street. West Village is also mostly tree lined buildings with very few of high-rise buildings where many movies taken place as many feels that West Village portraits the feel of New York.

If you are looking for a Penthouse in West Village, there are some options. Much of the West village are pre-war brownstone buildings that are usually only three stories and the top floor is the penthouse some with roof access. Some of the pre-war brownstones have elevator in the building, some does not. If you would like to live in a brownstone building in the West Village, the penthouse inventory is limited with high demand. 

In the recent years, West village is seeing many of the New Constructions, therefore Penthouse inventory has risen in the West village. The New Construction buildings with West Village location, these new condo development and development have become one of the most popular neighborhood to be in. 

Among these new luxury condominiums in West village, there are One Jackson Square addressed 122 Greenwich Street, a LEED certified modern glass building that many of the penthouse units offer outdoor space with floor to ceiling windows, Superior Ink condominium at 400 West 12th Street is one of the most popular one because of its unique-ness and some of the water front penthouse unit exposure. These two special condos are some of the most well known newer construction building in the West village location with one of the kind penthouses. 

For other West village penthouse buildings and most updated availabilities, contact us at (917)837-8869 or email us by the form below.

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Manhattan New York Penthouse with River to River view

If you are looking for a NYC penthouse with river to river view, you may have several option and choices to select from, there are several buildings with Penthouses posses a river to river view exposure.  The Hudson River view and the East river view is going to be found in a condominium penthouse that is located in a central location and is tall enough to clear most of the buildings around it.

A River to River view is especially going to be available in buildings that are 40+ floors as those types of condominiums will more than likely have a river to river view.

Manhattan New York penthouse with a river to river view usually will have a panoramic Manhattan skyline views, very likely with views of Central Park from your Manhattan Penthouse Condominium if the building is located in Midtown or Uptown.  A Downtown penthouse condominium is not as likely to have a river to river view as there are less tall skyscraper condominium buildings in the downtown area.

If you are looking for a river to river view, the penthouse condominiums in a building like the Time Warner Center, or the Park Imperial at 230 West 56th Street, the Millennium Tower Buildings at 101 West 67th Street or 111 West 67th Street, 721 Fifth Avenue, 400 Fifth Avenue, just to name a few of the more noteworthy buildings that all will have the possibility of River to River views from the upper floor condominium apartments and especially the penthouse floors.

The River to River view from your Manhattan New York city Penthouse Condominium availability will also depend on your preferred price range. This view is desirable because the Hudson River view will allow you to see the daily sunsets along with the East River view will give you early morning light.  When you have these views you will also be able to see panoramic views of the Manhattan city skyline.  Views of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building, possibly Central Park will all be a possibility.

We are well versed in the luxury Manhattan condo market, therefore we understand and know penthouse buyers’ needs and have successful working experiences in catering to our buyers needs.

Eileen Hsu is also a bi-lingual Chinese and English speaking Real Estate agent that have worked with many top end Asian CEO in finding their Manhattan New York Penthouses.

Contact us at (917)837-8869 or email us to discuss your Manhattan New York Penthouse search so we can make an appointment to tour some suitable Manhattan New York penthouses available for sale. 

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Triplex Penthouse Condo-Manhattan New York
A triplex penthouse condominium is a three floor condominium unit.

A New York city triplex penthouse condominium has very similar to same characteristics of a duplex condominium, but with the addition of a third floor.

New York city Triplex penthouse condominiums are usually configured in two different ways:

- Triplex condo Layout one: Often the third floor or upper most floor is that of a roof top terrace with adjoining entertainment or outdoor spaces.  The living space will be focused on the lower two levels.

- Another Triplex layout would be: Three floors have a combination of living, entertaining and outdoor living spaces.  A triplex condominium penthouse will offer an unparalleled and one of the kind quality of living as you will be living in a multi-level property with endless layout combinations.
A triplex penthouse condominium will usually be quite expansive, if you are looking for a living space with multiple rooms(4 or more) a triplex might be a good option.  Outdoor space is often found on multiple levels depending on the building, your very own exclusive rooftop terrace usually accompanies a triplex penthouse condominium.
Many of the characteristics of a duplex penthouse condominium will be shared in a triplex penthouse condominium including each floor of the apartment having a designated purpose.  The residential quarters will typically have their own floor and the living room, dining room, library and kitchen will be on separate floor.
Many of our buyers who are interested in townhouses will consider a triplex condo living as it provides a similar way of living.  The difference being that within a condominium building you will have all of the comforts and support of the building’s full time staff and concierge.  A triplex also provides an added level of privacy as you are typically the only residence on your floor.

A triplex penthouse condominium reflects the best in what a New York City luxury apartment can offer. Your very own home on top of it all, private outdoor spaces, multiple levels of living creating various combinations of living and entertaining, can all be yours in a triplex penthouse condominium for sale in New York City.

Pricing and availability for a triplex condominium will vary considerably depending on the location in Manhattan that you prefer.  A triplex penthouse condominium is a unique type of apartment with a limited amount of inventory.  Expect pricing to start around $2,500,000 for an entry level triplex in a smaller building and can easily reach above $5,000 per square feet to $10,000,000 per square feet for the most impressive apartments.
Contact us at (917)837-8869 or email us to discuss your Manhattan New York Penthouse search whether is for a triplex Penthouse or other unique Manhattan New York penthouses. We offer  confidential discreet consultation for our Manhattan New York penthouse buyers.
To read more about other unique Manhattan New York Penthouses, click on the links below:
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Penthouse with Wood or Gas Burning Fireplace

One of the most unique feature of Manhattan New York penthouse would be having a wood burning fire place.
A wood burning fireplace or even a gas burning fireplace is a very rare feature to have in a Manhattan New York condo.

The reason why  wood burning fireplace or even a gas burning fireplace so rare is because the building’s structure has to support the venting to an external source, and create the exhaust smoke outlet. This is very challenging in Manhattan New York condo building structures. 

In the luxury condo and penthouse market, it is much common to see gas burning fireplaces than a wood burning fireplace because the smoke that comes with burning wood is considerably more challenging to work with than the aesthetic value of a gas burning fireplace.

If you absolutely require a penthouse condominium with a wood burning fireplace, you will have to realize that the supply of penthouse apartments with a wood burning fireplace is extremely limited.

If there is a New York city penthouse with a wood burning fireplace it is usually the top floor unit with a direct exhaust to a roof top deck or other building system.  Or if it a pre-war building that originally had a wood burning fireplace you are very lucky as this type of building is also extremely rare.

In this environmental conscious city, gas burning fireplaces in penthouse apartments would be much preferable than traditional wood burning fire place, compare to its counter part, gas fireplace is easier to install, to maintain and to exhaust. Gas fireplace create the ambiance and aesthetics that a wood burning fireplace offers but without the smoke or exhaust that may disturb the neighbors in the neighboring buildings or units.

If you are seeking a Wood burning fireplaces within your penthouse condominium search, we would recommend you to keep an open mind as there are very limited penthouses with this feature, and a penthouse with gas burning fireplace may be a pleasant alternative.

We understand the Penthouse buyers’ unique needs and desires, we have all access to Manhattan New York penthouse inventory and availabilities. We would love the opportunity to assist you in finding the unique Manhattan New York penthouse you are searching for.

Call us at (917)837-8869 or email us ( to find your Manhattan New York Penthouse today.

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Penthouse with Private Terrace

A penthouse with a private outdoor terrace is on top of the list for many of our VIP Penthouse buyers seeking one of the kind penthouse.  A private terrace is a wonderful feature as many of our penthouse buyers use the terrace to entertain guests, host dinner parties and of course enjoy the fresh open air when the weather permits in New York city. Summer nights in New York can be romantic and lovely to relax in the private outdoor terrace.

Depending on the price range, location and exposures of the Penthouses, there are range of sizes and square footage for Private Outdoor Terraces.   Penthouses that are full floor, triplex, or with Central park exposures, usually will have enough gathering space to entertain a good number of party guests including fully working outdoor kitchens with top of the line appliances, outdoor terrace music sound speakers with multimedia projector screen. In addition, there will be plumb ready for a landscaped garden, planters, outdoor showers, hot tubs, solarium or any outdoor feature a penthouse owner would prefer.
Many boutique or ultra-tall condominiums, exceeding 50+ floors, the top floor penthouse units may not  have any outdoor space available. This will be a feature of your penthouse condominium search we will discuss during our consultation in search of the penthouse of your desire.
Manhattan New York penthouses have some of the most spectacular exposure terraces.  A private terrace enables you to have your very own oasis in the middle of New York City and escape from all the hustle and bustle in this high energy city .  A private terrace in a penthouse condominium in NYC epitomizes luxury Real Estate.

Call us today at (917)837-8869 to find your penthouse with Private Terrace. Or simply complete the email form below and we will respond promptly to help you with your Penthouse search in Manhattan New York.

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Manhattan Penthouse with Skyline Views

The Manhattan City Skyline is one of the most picturesque and recognizable features of New York City.  A Manhattan Penthouse can offer the very best New York City view.  The view from your Manhattan Penthouse Condominium will be dependent on a couple of factors.

First, being the height of the building.  If you want to live in a high rise building, you can be assured to have an exposure facing the Manhattan skyline.  Something to consider is that there are more high rise condominiums located in midtown or in the Upper West Side or the Upper East Side.  Downtown Manhattan because of zoning restrictions in most neighborhoods has far less in total number of buildings that are high rise.  So the total supply of downtown penthouse condominiums in a high rise building will be more limited.

Second, the exposure of the penthouse apartment will play a defining role in the exposure you have of the Manhattan Skyline.  If your penthouse condominium does not have a panoramic exposure, let’s say you share the penthouse floor with another apartment, then you will have a specific exposure.  Depending on how the apartments were built, you could be the Southern Facing apartment and the other penthouse(s) could have the northern views.

Finally, something to consider is that an exposure can always change depending on development.  The Manhattan skyline is always an ever changing environment.  New condominium buildings or office buildings are always being built and this could potentially affect your view.  If you want a certain view you can always position yourself in certain buildings that are right in front of that view you are looking for, example being if you want a central park view, if you live right on Central Park West or Central Park South facing the park you can be comfortable knowing your view is probably not going to change.  However if you have a view of the Empire State Building and you line in downtown Manhattan, if another building gets built in the midtown area, that could potentially obstruct your view.

Most Manhattan Penthouse’s will have Skyline Views. There are several selections available with Manhattan New York penthouse with skyline views. Contact us today (917)837-8869 and we will recommend few Manhattan New York penthouse with iconic skyline views for you.

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Penthouse with Key Access Elevator

What is the security for my penthouse condominium? This is a typical question that is very important to have answered when purchasing a Manhattan NY penthouse condominium.  Often security starts with the building itself, full time doorman, Closed Circuit Monitoring, elevator operators; however every building will be set up differently.

Depending on what level of privacy and customized access will first start with certain specific buildings.  Some buildings once you are in the elevator whether you live on the 2nd floor or the penthouse floor you can reach any floor through from the elevator.  Other buildings with a higher level of security will only allow you to the floor you live on or are visiting.  This access is granted through the doorman monitoring the elevators, an elevator operator in the apartment, or yourself through a FOB key or security token.

In a building where the penthouse takes up the entire floor, very often the elevator will not reach that level of the building without a private key or FOB key.  In most new construction condominium buildings privacy, security and safety are of the utmost concern and multiple levels of access and monitoring are available.  All visitors are introduced by the concierge before they are let into the elevators, deliveries are administered through the building, and your security is of a high priority.

If you have a specific security preference in the building and penthouse we can discuss and recommend buildings with special penthouses will work best for you.

Contact us by completing the email form below and we will respond to your request promptly.

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Penthouse with Hudson River Views
A lot of Penthouse Condominiums in Manhattan will have Hudson River Views. If the condo building is of certain height, the higher floor units facing West will have gorgeous Hudson River views. However there are some buildings better positioned to have a higher quality and more unobstructed view of the Hudson River.

The Hudson River view is desired as it is a Western Facing View with the sun setting over the horizon. The locations that have the most unobstructed views where there are many condominium buildings with penthouse apartments are typically located in a couple of locations:

  • The Riverside Boulevard part of the Upper West Side
  • The New Construction Condominiums located near the High Line Park
  • Condominiums located on the Far West Side of the West Village, Tribeca, or Financial District

The Riverside Boulevard area of the Upper West Side is most well known for the Trump Place Development. The Trump Buildings are all located right along the Hudson River, the western facing Penthouse Apartments have an absolute unobstructed Hudson River Views. The Riverside South new construction buildings including the Rushmore, The Aldyn all share uncompromised Hudson River views from the penthouse apartments.

The High Line Park running along the Far West Side of Chelsea ushered in a new development condominium boom . Many of these buildings are some of the most desired and progressive condominiums in all of Manhattan including 100 Eleventh Avenue, 200 Eleventh Avenue, 450 West 17th Street. The views of the Hudson River from these downtown penthouse condominiums are fantastic.

You will also have penthouses with Hudson River Views in many of the condominium buildings located in the western segments of the West Village, Tribeca and the Financial District. Buildings like 1 Morton Square, Superior Ink at 400 West 12th Street or from 123 Washington Street in the Financial District all have tremendous Hudson River views from the penthouse apartments.

Penthouses with Hudson River Views are going to be attainable from a number of locations, a certainty from the tallest condominium buildings in Manhattan, such as the Time Warner Center, however for direct Hudson River Views certain locations offer an opportunity to own a penthouse condominium located right next to the Hudson River. Whether you want to live downtown, Midtown, or Downtown a Hudson River view penthouse is within your reach.

To find your own Manhattan New York Penthouse with Hudson River view, contact us today and we can discuss your dream penthouse in Manhattan New York.

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Central Park is the quintessential view from any Manhattan apartment, let alone the view from a Penthouse Condominium Apartment.
Why is a view of Central Park so desirable?

The most exclusive and desirable Real Estate all faces Central Park.  Central Park is New York City’s most iconic landmark.  Central Park is a must see for anybody who visits Manhattan let alone the premiere fixture of the Manhattan landscape.

There are only a select number of condominium buildings that are located right on Central Park and just a few penthouse apartments in those buildings.   If you are looking for a penthouse condominium right on Central Park you will have to look at buildings either on Fifth Avenue, Central Park West, or Central Park South.

The most well known condominiums along Central Park are 15 Central Park West, 1 Central Park West-Trump International Hotel and Tower, The Plaza Residences at 768 Fifth Avenue, 160 Central Park South the Essex House, just to name a few.

The penthouse condominiums with Central Park views right on Central Park are typically going to start in pricing at over $5,000 sq/ft, you could easily be looking at $7,000-$10,000 sq/ft for the most prime condominium buildings.
Another option is to be located in some of the high rise buildings that might not be located right on Central Park but have commanding views of the park because of the building’s height.  These buildings could include the Time Warner Center, the Park Imperial at 230 West 56th Street, The Millennium Tower Buildings at 101 or 111 West 67th St, Trump Tower at 721 Fifth Avenue, One Beacon Court at 151 East 58th Street, and currently being built One57.

NYC Penthouse condominiums for sale with central park views do not come on the market that often and when they do they come available, these trophy apartments are extremely desired.

If you are interested in a New York City Penthouse Condominium for sale with a central park view, contact us at (917) 837-8869 or drop a note at the form below.

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